Art is inactive until it gets the right frame...

Then it becomes a window into the timeless, transcendent world created by the artist.


Turn your favorite piece into an entire experience by transforming it with a custom frame from The Framery Inc.!


Expect personalized care and dedication as our professional help you match your work's uniqueness with a frame that will enhance, accentuate, and enliven it.


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The framing choice of Hobe Sound's artists!

No one understands artists better than The Framery Inc. Are you looking to introduce your original work to the world and needing a window to do it with? Enjoy a full-service consultation with our framing experts as together you work to find the perfect custom frame to deliver your artistic message.

Our new frames include:

You've never seen your art until you've seen it...

through one of our frames!

  • Custom/museum framing

  • Consolidation / replacement frame ornamentation

  • Ready-made frames

  • Original artwork


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framing here!







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Framing doesn't

have to be